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Why generic Levitra is so cheap

When the FDA approved generic Levitra, sales for this drug skyrocketed because men were now capable of treating erectile dysfunction at a small percentage of the cost. Keep in mind that generic is not fake medication, so do not wonder why the drugs are very cheap, this is why:

• Unlike the branded Levitra produced in the US, the cheap generic Levitra 20 mg is manufactured in India where salaries and other costs are lower, making production cheaper.
• Companies selling generic drugs do not own the patent which means they did not invest millions (sometimes billions) of dollars into research. They can afford to sell at the lowest possible prices.
• Generic Levitra is often sold by online stores which incur very low operational costs when compared to traditional pharmacies selling the branded version.

How to buy cheap Levitra 20 mg online

Cheap Levitra 20 mg can be purchased online. The task is easy and involves the following steps for a successful shopping experience:

  • Step #1 – conduct extensive research online before settling on a supplier. There are plenty of online pharmacies selling the drugs, but not all are reliable, honest or professional. A legitimate supplier such as is the best option.
  • Step #2 – after you’ve sifted through the clutter and settled on a store, visit the official site and read the pages. Learn all you can about the terms & conditions, discounts, and offers. You’ll get cheap Levitra when you know all the hoops in the ordering and payment options. For instance, you’ll get a 30% discount when you buy with Bitcoins.
  • Step #3 – read reviews of previous customers for insight on the quality of drugs and the store’s customer care. Place the order and wait for the shipment to arrive on your doorstep.

How to order cheap Levitra from India

India is a manufacturer of generic drugs like Levitra, which the country supplies worldwide at amazingly affordable prices. Placing an order is simple, like ordering any other type of product online.

Pay for Levitra with Bitcoins

The best thing about buying Levitra online is the opportunity to pay with Bitcoins. This encrypted currency has numerous benefits such as:

  • You’ll never be vulnerable to credit card fraud when using Bitcoins because your personal information will never be revealed.
  • The transaction fees charged when buying cheap Levitra 20 mg with Bitcoins are the lowest when compared to PayPal, credit cards and wire transfers.
  • You’re not subjected to tax. Bitcoin was created by an anonymous developer who enabled the virtual world to use the currency without any interference from financial institutions like banks.
  • Once you get the Bitcoins, you’ll need a digital wallet to hold your currency. No government has the authority to freeze the account.

Why credit cards are not accepted for generic medications

Credit cards used to be the most widely accepted mode of payment for most online transactions. This was before PayPal gained more popularity. Wire transfers were less frequently used because of the time frame and high charges. The rise in identity theft and credit card fraud led many online stores to stop accepting cards so that they could protect their customers. This is why cheap Levitra 20 mg can easily be acquired with Bitcoins.

Levitra dosage info

Levitra rapidly disintegrates in the mouth so you can swallow it without water. The pill is designed to be taken when needed, which is often 30 to 60 minutes before having sex; the 20 mg dosage should be taken once every day. However, men who require different strengths, are using other prescription medication or have allergic reactions should consult a doctor first. Take into account that when you buy cheap Levitra 20 mg online, you do not require a prescription; ensure that you’re aware of your health status.

Levitra for sale

When looking for great Levitra deals online, several concerns should be addressed:

  • Tell your healthcare provider before using Levitra, especially if you suffer from the following conditions: bleeding disorders, vision problems, penis deformity, heart disease, low or high blood pressure, liver disease, leukemia or a history of strokes.
  • This quickly disintegrating form of the pill can be taken without water; however, you’ll need to swallow with water if you’re buying the normal cheap Levitra 20 mg pill.
  • There are several other prescription medications that interact with the Levitra so seek medical advice if you take the following medicine: antibiotics, HIV drugs or certain drugs for blood pressure.
  • Keep the medicine out of reach of children in a cool place at room temperature. Any medicine you’ve not used should be discarded after the expiry date.

How to purchase cheap Levitra

The task is as simple as sending an email; as soon as you access the site either via a smartphone or laptop, choose the Levitra 20 mg pills when checking out with your order. Bitcoin payments make the entire process anonymous and secure.

User reviews

I am 76 years old and have been using Levitra for about five years as I also began using high blood pressure medicine which I believe led to ED. I consider Levitra a blessing as it enables me to have a wonderful sex life which I had thought had ended. It has restored my confidence, and I feel younger. – Tyler Bolton
I’ve been using Levitra for six months. With 10 mg, it gives me a hard erection which makes it easier to have an orgasm. I can still stay hard afterward and keep pleasuring my wife until she’s done. Thanks, Levitra!! – Sean Summers
Other than getting a stuffy nose, it works great! – Patrick Olson


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